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Why run for the broom to sweep up a little spilled dry cereal when you can just use your Schticky on the floor.

Use the regular Schticky for everyday use, the little Schticky with brush for small spaces (car seats, etc), and the Big Schticky with extendable pole for hard to reach spots.

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The Big Schticky is an adhesive mop that you can use to clean up larger areas that are riddled with lint.Everything You Need To Know About The Schticky Okay, in todays post, I.

But now Vince Offer is back to introduce a new and exciting as seen on tv product called the Schticky.

Love this product by the sham wow guy, The Schticky Lint

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J-TWO-O: Best infomercial ever. (Vince has got a new Schtick!)

It did pick up the hair balls and the debris with a few passes.This large Schticky has the same powerful sticky silicone pad as the smaller Schticky, but covers a larger space area and can pick up larger debris.

The extender on the Big Schticky even allows you to get into hard to reach place like under the bed.

The Schticky grabs it all, and when it is full, just clean the Schticky with water and watch the gunk fall right off.The commercial makes many references to his other two commercials for the ShamWow and the Slap Chop, with Offer saying many of his catchphrases.

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Love this product by the sham wow guy, The Schticky Lint Roller, the infomercial is a scream.

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The Schticky is the new reusable lint roller from Vince Offer, the same man that brought you the ShamWow and Slap Chop.We used it for the first time under our couch (on 6 inch risers), where the cats often hang out during the day.Because Im so much better than Billy Mays it comes with a 10 year warranty.

I saw the schticky commercial on tv that advertised the items for 19.95 and as a bonus you pay extra process and handling and get a big schticky for free.

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Hair and debris end up under there so the Big Schticky definitely had appropriate subject matter to work with.

All Schticky rollers are made to clean up quickly with a rinsing in running water and regain their stickiness when dry.

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Chris Porter volunteered NOT to clean the pet hair from his Sikeston home, so we could have maximum results in this two-product comparison test of Sticky Buddy vs. Schticky.